Amphenol consider the training as an important service to its customers. Each training is customized following each customer requirement. Amphenol provide a full training on:

Basic theoretical knowledge,
Practical assembly knowledge,

on both butt joint and expanded beam connectors.

For each trainee a handbook is provided as a support during and after the training. General technical course can meet the following:

   :: Introduction to Fiber Optic
   :: Optical transmission systems
   :: Light propagation
   :: Multimode Fibers
   :: Singlemode Fibers
   :: Fiber attenuations Decibels
   :: Fiber technologies advantages
   :: Splice
   :: Connector technologies : Butt Joint
   :: Connectors misalignment
   :: Ceramic ferrule
   :: Connector technologies : Expanded beams
   :: Measurement
   :: Light sources and detectors
   :: Measurement signals
   :: Testing a System
   :: Question and answers

   :: Termination Theory
   :: Butt joint MIL-T-83522 ST Connector termination
   :: Test Demonstration
   :: Multiway butt joint MIL-29504
   :: Test Demonstration
   :: Expanded beam connector CTOS Termination
   :: Test Demonstration
   :: Question and Answers
   :: Final Thoughts

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